Everybody has different needs for scrapbooking – you might want to create 12x12 layout to record children’s growth every month, you might want to create mini album for wonderful travel memories, or you might want to create DIY items to decorate your room. You can create whatever you want. No rules are here - just follow your feeling :)

12X12 Layout

12x12 layout is a traditional way of Scrapbooking. You will select some pictures (1-5 pictures) and create layout by using pattern papers and lots of embelishments. Any pictures work well - It could be your baby/children, pet, wedding, travel or daily life with family and friends.

Mini Album

You have so many pictures and cannot select only a few for 12x12 layout? Then, mini album is a perfect way! You can choose any size you like (even a small tag album!) and use as many pictures as you want!


You don’t currently have your favorite pictures you'd like to use? Then, let’s try DIY projects! You can create thank you/birthday cards to family/friends, your unique calendar, or room decorations!

What you need

All you have to do is to select your memorable pictures. Any materials including beautiful pattern papers, which perfectly match with your theme, are ready for no additional fee. If you do not have a printer at your home.. don't worry! I can print them for you. Just don't forget to bring your scissors to workshops.


Workshop is held on weekdays - Saturday or Sunday every month. The date will be determined at the previous month.

We have a small group with 6 students at maximum so that everyone can be interactive and enjoy workshops!


THANK YOU ALL for joining 2018 workshops!

2019 workshop schedule is coming soon :)


Class Fee

The class fee is $10-50 per class including material fees. It varies depending on what you want to create and I will let you know beforehand. No tips and taxes needed.



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